My grandma just asked me “why are you smiling at your phone, is it a boy?”

Yes, it is a boy
Fucking another boy
In this sick-ass fanfic Im reading

"You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free."

 Thích Nhất Hạnh (via ellmatic)

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"Everyone’s gonna die. It’s a natural part of life. But if life has no purpose, you’re dead already."

Kiba, Wolf’s Rain (via okamimayonaka)

Beach summary! (For myself later on. Ignore if you so please ;))

3 wine cooler frozen bag thingies. Tons of crab legs. Girl time! Laughing. Pediiii. Baby time. Getting looked at like i’m a teen mother (NOT MY CHILD!!!). Staying out late every single night. Morning cartoons. TOO MUCH MAN VS WILD. A pretty view. Yummy foooood. Margaritaville. Bass Pro has a restaurant?? Boardwalk. Feeding the fishies. So much walking. Hurt feet. Burned in some places. More freckles. Midnight beach running. Feeling pretty. Taking pictures. Feeling awkward. Pool time (pretending to be ~free~ bc i am 110% fangirl weeaboo to the core. ALSO HOW THE FUCK DO YOU BUTTERFLY???). Finding pretty/unique shells. Buying stupid shit you don’t need (flower crowns!!!). Having my own fridge (how nice!). Fun/ghetto/cliché souvenir shops. Mini-golfing. The hardest hole getting 23 hits. Me losing but that’s okay bc idgaf. Getting sand EVERYWHERE… Sprayed reddi-whip from a can. Fudgery to get fudge. Nice japanese steakhouse, too nice for my booty shorts. Sherbert/Shebert. Flaming cucumber. The best buffet i’ve ever been too. Sooooooo good. Couldn’t eat as much as I wanted because spanx was killing me. Laughing a lot. Leaving dollar bills displayed prettily on the table. Going to Wal-Mart super late (this happens everywhere though tbh.)
I WENT TO MY FIRST SEX SHOP!!!! Maybe bought a few things… ;))) I touched a faux taco and it was nastay. So much baby spit up. Precious baby smiles. Riding the skywheel. A crappy buffet that costs too much. Swimming in the pool at night. Busy elevators. Not busy elevators. Freezing cold rooms. Cuddling. Getting rained on. Bruschetta. Pulling the fire alarm off the wall bc someone put olive oil on bread without a pan underneath it. Bought a giant pack of laffy taffy and coconut & panda flavoured pocky. Printing pennies out of the machine. Yeeeah. Stuff.
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Goodbye yummy food and neato places and experiences. I’ll miss youuuu. ;(

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Vacay selfies, eeee. The cutie in the top right is my boy ;)

I hate coming back from a vacation and being forced into real life. It’s like??? I went on vacation? That seems like a dream. I went there? I took those pictures? All that happened?? Wow. I can hardly remember being there. Maybe it was just a dream..


talia // test shot of things to come !
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talia // test shot of things to come !